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CALL TO ACTION: If you believe in environmental responsibility, sustainability, and green living ideas, please support us and help us grow.

Right now, we need your help with a few very simple things:

  1. Sponsors — having sponsors support our site through donations, advertising relationships, or even cross-marketing will help us deliver our message to a broader audience even more effectively. Ultimately, that is an easy way for you to help do your part in the environmental responsibility equation in a simple way
  2. Ideas — although the goal of having a new green living idea each week for 52 weeks is a lofty one, we can do it, especially if we have your help! We are already off to a great start, but we want to hear your fresh and creative new green living ideas and green tips. Please post your comments or send us your ideas today!
  3. Publicity — we appreciate all the visitors we have at our site. Many of you visit regularly, but forget to let others know about this great resource. is not a secret society — we are a movement, a way of thinking, and a positive step toward a sustainable future. Every positive change requires inertia — please be our inertia by linking to, writing about us in your newspaper, blog, or website, and telling your friends.

Email us at: info AT sustainable thinking DOT org to offer your ideas and support.

Thanks for your help and support!


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  1. Jesse
    Dec 17, 2008 @ 13:44:54

    Here’s a useful tip that is both green and economical for men and women who shave:

    When not in use, leave your razor in a jar filled with about a half inch of mineral oil. The life of your razor’s will increase dramatically, because razor wear is caused by corrosion, not use, and the mineral oil prevents corrosion from occurring. (Knowing that, go look at the ingredients in your razor gel: all the primary ingredients are corrosive acids.) For more info, follow the link. Enjoy!

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