Beyond 52

Moving into the future

Beyond 52 - Moving into the future

What is Beyond 52?

Now that has successfully accomplished its mission of creating 52 new and unique green living and environmental responsibility tips over 52 weeks, many of our loyal readers are wondering what is next for

52 weeks of tips has really only scratched the surface, as we focused on small-scale, primarily easy-to-implement ideas and tips, leaving issues like solar power, hybrid or electric vehicles, geothermal systems, and other more “involved” issues off the table.  Since 52 weeks of ideas is not the end, but simply a really good start toward something great, we want Beyond 52 to be an extension of that momentum.

Beyond 52 is the page where this blog goes beyond the 52 weeks of tips we have supplied, to focusing on the ideas, dialogue, and contributions of our readers.  Beyond 52 provides a forum for anyone who finds and wants to contribute to the environmental responsibility cause.  If you want to share your ideas, your thoughts, your questions, and your comments, please feel free to contribute them here.  We want Beyond 52 to grow in scope and interest based on whatever ideas and issues are driving you, our readers and our community.

Please post your thoughts, comments or ideas here.


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