About Green52.org

Green52.org was created by Brad Boyd.  Green52 is a 52-week commitment to helping increase awareness of, and interest in, environmental responsibility.   It is my sincere hope that what starts as a 52-week green idea initiative will grow to something much more significant with your help and support.

This blog is a recognition that environmentalism, conservation and sustainable resources are all highly important to all of us, but without a plan for simple and clear changes we can each make in our daily lives, environmental conservation will remain a theory instead of a practice.

Green52 was created with the premise that environmental responsibility does not have to be complicated, and you can’t rely on your neighbor to fix the problem – everyone has to take ownership of the solution.

Green52.org is dedicated to empowering, motivating, and encouraging the development of new behaviors, new choices, and environmentally responsible daily decisions.  As part of its mission, Green52.org welcomes ideas, input, and feedback from readers and visitors to this blog, which you can send to info @ sustainable thinking DOT org

If you want to learn how to take a step-by-step weekly approach to having a reduced impact on your environment, in turn preserving our wilderness, our natural resources, our wildlife, our lakes, oceans and clean air for the next generation, please bookmark this site, and tell your friends to visit.

If you want to help our cause, tell your place of business, your town newspaper, or a media outlet about Green52.org, or help us by sponsoring or promoting our site. Or, you can do your part just by silently making an effort to adopt and incorporate as many of the weekly green tips as you can.  We are happy to discuss redistribution or republication of our tips for any environmental advocacy or educational use.  Please leave a comment or email to inquire.

For those of you who might be in need of a real estate, business law, or wind energy attorney, you will be interested to know that the author of this site, Brad Boyd, is an attorney in the state of Minnesota.  More information can be found at his personal site, here, or at the website of his firm, Thomsen & Nybeck, here.

If you are interested in wind energy, please visit our sister site, WindEnergyCommunity.org.  This is a terrific resource site for those interested in learning about or promoting Wind energy and its environmental benefits.

Thank you for making Green52.org a success, and for supporting our cause.


Green52.org and Green52.com is a website / blog created and operated by Brad Boyd.  The ideas and material in this site may be protected under copyright and other applicable intellectual property laws.  Publication or reproduction of this material without prior written consent is prohibited.


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