Green tip for week #45 — Week of March 8, 2009

Teach respect for the environment

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a business owner, a President, Governor, Mayor, community leader, or just an individual hoping to make an impact, to improve the environment we need to improve our own habits, and improve the habits of those around us.

For parents, it is important that you teach respect for the environment as you raise and educate your children.  Be sure that camping, hiking, and other outdoors activities are part of your routine, so they learn to appreciate the environment and so they develop a respect for the world around them.

Make sure that you recycle and adopt environmentally responsible practices (like the green ideas found here on and teach them to follow your example.  Create ways for your kids to get involved, by leading a recycling program at their school, helping you find ways to conserve energy at home, and other practices that will increase their awareness.

For teachers, business owners, community leaders, church leaders, and politicians, it is important to lead by example.  Environmental responsibility is an issue that is unifying, and should not be controversial.  Teachers can help improve the environment simply by incorporating environmental responsibility into your classroom.  Recycle paper, glass and plastic, reduce the amount of waste, and encourage your students or your school to engage in community projects with an environmental focus.

Create new programs for your community to encourage environmental responsibility, as improving the environment is a great way to bring people from all political affiliations, all socio-economic backgrounds, all ages, and all belief systems together.  We all want the environment to be preserved for future generations.

To realize the impact of leading the masses toward an environmental responsibility mindset, consider the impact that political discussion has had in making environmental awareness issues mainstream.

Since our newly elected President, Barack Obama, took office, media attention, political discussion, and dinner table conversation have now turned to issues that need attention, such as wind energy, geothermal energy, plug-in hybrid technology, solar power, and smart-grid systems.  Increasing the level of discussion, and increasing awareness, can ultimately have great impact on changing habits, fueling new ideas, and improving environmental responsibility on a wide-scale basis.


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