Green tip for week #36 — Week of January 4, 2009

Try to de-clutter your home and life

Cutting down on clutter, whether it is kids’ toys, excess furniture, excess paperwork or magazines lying around the house, or stockpiled clothes you never wear can have a few positive environmental effects.

First, you will need to make a conscious effort to sort through what you need, and what you don’t. This thoughtful process can help you prioritize, reorganize, and can be a good reminder not to buy or accumulate items that you never needed in the first place.

Second, donating things you don’t utilize can help get those items (particularly clothes, furniture and household goods) into the hands of someone less fortunate, or someone who will make better use of those items.  Remember resources like the Goodwill, Craigslist,, and good old-fashioned garage sales for keeping your gently used items out of a landfill.

Third, when you begin to remove clutter from your home, garage and life, it helps you to be less consumption-oriented, and more conservation oriented.  Seeing less junk crammed into closets and rooms reminds us all to try not to be wasteful, and it can help you remember that every product and consumer item you see in your home or in stores comes with an environmental cost.

An easy way to be green and save green is to reduce your consumption of consumer goods, and that green thinking can begin with getting rid of some of the clutter!

Small green steps today can make a much larger green impact tomorrow.


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