Green tip for week #33 — Week of December 14, 2008

Extend the life of your razor!

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For men and women who use a traditional (non-electric) razor to shave, reader Jesse ( suggests preserving the life of your razor by storing it in mineral oil.  Jesse writes,

“When not in use, leave your razor in a jar filled with about a half inch of mineral oil. The life of your razor’s will increase dramatically, because razor wear is caused by corrosion, not use, and the mineral oil prevents corrosion from occurring. (Knowing that, go look at the ingredients in your razor gel: all the primary ingredients are corrosive acids.) For more info, follow the link. Enjoy!

Thanks, Jesse, for the tip.  Thanks to all of our loyal readers, and please feel welcome to submit a tip of yours to!

Remember, environmental responsibility, conservation, and sustainability are all concepts that require wide-scale participation, and every bit helps.


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