Green tip for week #30 — Week of November 23, 2008

Green your printing routine

Many of us already use electronic communication, email, digital storage of files, and other ideas to cut down on paperwork clutter, but we still have to print things from time to time.  Whether you are using your home or work printer, be sure to green your printing routine when you can.  Here are several ways to cut down on waste and consumption of resources.

First, change your print settings to default to draft mode (and select “grayscale” if you have a color printer).  Changing these settings allows you to save ink and have faster printing output.  If you are printing a photo or something that needs to be in color, obviously you can change the settings back at that time.

Next, make sure you use paper wisely.  If you print drafts, once you are done with them save them in a “reuse” box to recycle that paper through on the other side as your draft paper for your next project.

Also, be careful not to print 10 or 20 pages when the key information you are interested in can be found in one or two pages.  You can always select which pages you want to print, or simply use “cut and paste” and copy text from the site or resource you want to save, and paste it into your wordprocessing software or a text editor (like Word, Notepad, or others) so you have a document that contains only the key information you are interested in.

Saving paper and printer ink won’t solve all the problems of the world, but when it comes to conserving resources and focusing on a sustainable environment, every bit helps!


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