Green tip for week #27 — Week of November 2, 2008

Put your lights on dimmer switches

Using dimmer switches effectively can reduce energy consumption, lower your electricity bills, and even add a flair of style and ambiance to your home.  Traditional light switches are an all-or-nothing approach.  They are either on or off.

During the fall and winter months, when the days are short, many people like to keep lights on throughout their home to compensate for the fact that the outside is dark and dreary.  This obviously can consume a great deal of energy, and it is wasteful to have your lights on when you don’t need them, particularly at their full capacity.

As an alternative to having your lights either “on” or “off”, you could replace some of your traditional light switches with dimmer switches.  If you want to have your lights on in a specific area, but you don’t need them at full capacity, having a dimmer allows you to choose how bright you want them.  Using your lights at a lower setting can help conserve energy and can add some light to a room or specific area without making it too bright or wasting electricity.

Next time you turn on a light in your home, consider whether that would be a good light to add a dimmer switch to, as a simple, cost-effective way to save some “green” while conserving energy and adding ambiance to your home.

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