Green tip for week #26 — Week of October 26, 2008

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Believe it or not, has been publishing weekly tips for 26 weeks.  That means we are half way through our goal of creating 52 weeks of simple green living ideas and tips for environmental responsibility.  In recognition of reaching our half-way point, this week’s green tip involves reaching out for help, and offering a reminder about something you can do to help us.  Please spread the word about, our weekly green tips, and our mission to raise awareness about and interest in environmental responsibility.

If you are one of our many frequent readers who visit for new weekly ideas, tips, and reminders about environmental conservation and sustainability, please do your part by telling at least three friends, family members, or coworkers.  Better yet, link to on your website, mention it in your blog, or republish our tips in your local newspaper or magazine (with credit to, of course).  If you are new to our site, bookmark us and send an email to a friend to let them know about your new discovery.

Seriously, our site operates because of our core belief that responsible people will treat the environment with respect and responsibility. We are convinced that if we all focus on simple ways to decrease our environmental impact, the collective measures we take today, even if they are baby steps, will have profound impact in helping our environment.  Our weekly green tips get read by many, but we need you to help make sure even more people get the message.

Feel free to send us your ideas, leave a comment, or offer other support as you can — but don’t overlook the simple, free, and easy way to ensure that has the most impact it can, by telling others about our site.  Spread the word!

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