Green tip for week #25 — Week of October 19, 2008

Rake some leaves!

Not all weekly green tips from are complicated.  Some weekly ideas, like the one for this week, are very simple.  Next time you get out in your yard to do your fall cleanup – grab your rake!  Many people use gas-powered leaf blowers, electric leaf blowers, or even their lawn mower’s mulch setting to clear fallen leaves from their yard.  All of those methods are convenient, but they all have environmental impact due to their energy consumption.

As an alternative, pick up your favorite old rake, and get to work.  Sure, raking takes more time, it requires more energy, and it can leave you tired the next day.  On the other side of the coin, it costs nothing to operate a rake, it is great exercise, and it burns no fossil fuels (although it burns plenty of calories).

Even better, raking can be a fun family activity, particularly if you have kids.  Do you remember jumping into a pile of leaves as a child?  Your kids will remember that activity to, but if you mulch your leaves with your lawnmower, it’s a missed opportunity.

So, as you work through your weekly green ideas and consider ways to remain environmentally responsible and conscious of your ecological impact, skip past the leafblower section of your hardware store and ask them were you can find a nice durable, quality rake.

Remember that green living and environmental responsibility is not an “all or nothing approach”. Even small steps make a big impact if everyone takes them. Do your part to help keep our environment in good condition for future generations!

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