Green tip for week #15 — Week of August 10, 2008

Use reusable containers to prevent waste

How many times do you put your sandwich into a plastic bag, throw your leftover grilled food into tin foil, or wrap your pizza into plastic wrap?  Most people do this type of thing daily.  Although disposable plastics haven’t damaged the environment on their own, the use of such “disposables” clearly is a contributing factor to landfill waste, wasted fossil fuels (production/transportation), not to mention wasted money (reusing is nearly always cheaper than replacing).

Our simple Green tip this week is to simply think about what habits you have that use “disposable” containers and plastics, and try to change some of those habits toward reusable containers.  It is so easy to find reusable plastic and glass food storage containers, that purchasing or using this type of container shouldn’t be an issue.  Consider not only the environmental benefits, but the saved cost!

Switch from disposable items to reusable containers to make another small step toward a greener tomorrow, and to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

Remember that taking small steps today can lead to substantial benefits to the environment tomorrow!

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