Green tip for week #9 — Week of June 29, 2008

Mulch, instead of bagging grass

This week’s green living tip is timely as many of us are trimming our lawns at least weekly in the summer months. What can be more “green” then finding a way to reduce your impact on the environment as it relates to your weekly lawn mowing habit. Many people have already converted to the practice of using a mulching lawn mower and letting the clippings remain on the lawn, rather than bagging them. However, there are still plenty of people who bag their clippings out of habit or lack of knowledge about alternatives.

If you are bagging your grass clippings, hopefully you are then reusing the clippings as compost to fertilize a garden or are otherwise doing something with them to keep them out of a landfill. If they are staying in plastic bags and getting trucked off to the landfill you are wasting landfill space, transportation/energy resources, not to mention the bags. is all about simple steps and practices that seem almost insignificant individually which have massive cumulative impact. You may not think bagging your grass clippings is harming the environment, but when you consider the net effect of everyone who mows a lawn placing their clippings, weekly, into multiple huge lawn bags then having those transported to and dumped into a landfill, it becomes a much more significant issue.

Besides, there is plenty of upside to using a mulching mower and letting your clippings stay on the lawn. The fine grass clippings can serve as a fertilizer for your lawn. Not only does it help you fertilize your lawn and have positive environmental impact, but it saves you the time, energy and expense of buying bags, switching bags, hauling them around the yard, and setting them out on trash day. That really is a simple and practical green living tip.

Remember to switch from bagged grass clippings to mulched clippings, and be sure that when you see your neighbor bag their clippings you tell them has a weekly green tip they need to check out!

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