Green tip for week #5 — Week of June 1, 2008

Go camping – skip the resort!

One of the ways you can “go green” while still having fun is to take a camping trip instead of traveling to a destination far away. If you visit a local, state or national park in your area and camp, rather than going to a hotel or resort, you reduce your environmental impact in many ways. First, you can avoid using air travel, which has significant environmental impact (besides, air travel is bound to be frustrating with delays, cramped space, luggage hassles, etc.)

If you find a park that is within a reasonable drive, it allows you to not only enjoy the destination, but enjoy the trip. Take a picnic lunch and find a scenic area to stop along the way. Once you get to your destination, you get to enjoy the outdoors, get fresh air, take a hike or spend time at a beach, go for a bike ride, cook over a campfire, spend time reading, thinking and enjoying time away from home.

If you camp regularly, you already realize that this is a terrific cost-saving and environment saving vacation. If you haven’t tried camping, put that on your to-do list this summer. Not is it a great way to spend time with family, kids, or friends, but it is low impact on the environment (particularly if you do your part to leave the campsite and everywhere you were in as good or better condition than you found it), and it is a great way to combine exercise, adventure, fun, and a new experience into one package.

This week’s green tip is to go camping — just remember, green living can be fun and cost-effective too! Not only will you have less impact on the environment than a hotel or resort vacation, but you will have even more opportunity to appreciate the environment you are helping to preserve.

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